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My name is Nick Endle, and I started Nick's Wood Shop in 2014.

My grandfather and father have been woodworking since before I was born. Growing up, woodworking was something that seemed a little foreign to me - while I respected what they were doing and admired their craftsmanship, I never had a lot of ambition to be covered in sawdust all day working my hands to the bone like them. I spent lots of time at my grandpa’s shop though, and helped my dad out with all kinds of woodworking projects - but I was way more interested in staying up late designing websites and programming.

All of that changed completely in the summer of 2014. I moved in to an apartment with a one car garage, and decided I needed a simple workbench for tinkering with projects around the place. With the help of my dad I made the workbench in just a weekend. I couldn't believe how natural it felt - although I had never really used a lot of power tools (beyond a drill) in my life, it was so fulfilling to make something with my hands. The bench was sturdy, looked great, and I’ve used it every day since.

From that moment I was hooked. Armed with a limited set of tools I took on a ridiculously ambitious project for my wife - a kitchen island complete with tons of storage and a butcher block top. I went on to build a few other furniture projects like a night stand, entryway bench, and a toybox for a friend. After that I was able to purchase a table saw, router, and hand tools; and received a bandsaw and miter saw from my father. Additionally, my grandfather closed down the shop he ran out of his garage for 62 years and not only passed down to me his tools and project patterns, but an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom.

The new tools, along with positive encouragement and motivation from family, friends, and coworkers, turned my interest in woodworking into more than just a hobby. Since then I’ve been able to open my own online store, sell products at craft shows, meet a lot of great people, and create gifts for family members. From here, the possibilities are endless.